Save Time and Increase Guest Satisfaction

Complete your details to eliminate manual work, speed up checkin and provide a better guest experience - all at no cost for Cloudbed Clients

Global Hosts is available across Colombia

Data Direct from Cloudbeds

All reservation data is automatically and immediatly synched between Cloudbeds and Global Hosts

SIRE Status of Each Guest

Ensure at a glance you have collected the information that SIRE requires for each guest

Pre-Arrival Communication

Automatically communicate with guests pre-arrival to ensure the best pre-arrival experience possible

Global Hosts is a technology and service offering that provides lodging hosts with a powerful tool to deliver consistent and unforgettable experiences for their guests.

English |  Espanol

Free Service for All 

Global Hosts provides a direct connection between Cloudbeds and the Colombian Immigration System - SIRE 

Global Hosts eliminates manual work and costly errors so you can deliver a better experience for your guests


Data is uploaded to SIRE for both checkin and checkout.  Eliminates the repetitive entry of data and avoids errors

Share the form via email, social media or your website.  Confirmed guests enter their data pre-arrival, speeding up their checkin.

Global Hosts Has More To Offer

Upgrade you Account to the complete Guest Experience Platform


Your Free Global Hosts Account Features  

Our digital services allows you to save staff time, avoid mistakes which result in fines and provide a complete digital experience for guests.  

Save Time and Money

Guest Experience Platform

Position the hotel as more than a room and allow your guests to discover all that the city has to offer. 

Competitive Data Analysis

Analyze your booking data and compare it against other properties in the same city - occupancy rate, booking length, source and more

+ Hotel Branded Guest Experience Platform

+ Hotel Content and Services

+ City Content, Tours, Services and Transport

+ Bilingual Guest Concierge and Communication

+ Receive a Percentage of Each Guest´s Purchase

+ Personalized Experience Recommendations & Offers

+ Dynamic Content for Hotel´s Website

+ Digital Guest Review System

+ Automated Upselling of Hotel Services

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PreArrival Guest Check In 

Automatically Report to SIRE

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